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What do you charge for your services?

The client has options to pay for services. We are a Fee-Based firm therefore one option for the client is to have fees drawn from assets under management. The fees are drawn either monthly or quarterly. In other words one-twelfth or one fourth of the annual fee each billing period. Example: ($1200/12 = $100 per month.) or ($1200/4 = $300 per quarter) Another compensation option is commissions. The amount of the commission is standard to the industry and determined by the investment. There is a third option involving a combination of fees and commissions. If the client wants help with a specific project flat fee arrangement is available.

Before the client decides on the method of compensation, we meet for a free consultation to determine the overall working relationship and method of compensation.

Do you work with any age client?

Our firm will work with clients of all ages.

What does CFP stand for?

CFP is a registered trademark of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. Practitioners must initially pass a rigorous examination covering all facets of financial planning and then meet professional continuing education requirements every two years.

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