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Hey Wake Up - You Can't Take It With You!

| March 15, 2018

How important it is to enjoy life as we build our retirement nest eggs?  It's very important!   Too many people work hard their entire lives, scrimping, saving, sacrificing, so one day they can enjoy life.   Hold on my friends. BREAKING NEWS!  Life is short, we don't know how long we will be around, and anything could happen.  Life is uncertain so why not enjoy the journey?

I had a relative who recently passed away. He had a distinguished career as Deputy Sherriff, was about 40 years of age with a beautiful family of 3 kids and a wife that loved him. He had everything going great until one day he discovers he has cancer.  He fought hard but lost the battle.  This is an actual example of life's uncertainty. No one knows what lies ahead  and no one should  look back with regret.  The regret which comes from failing to enjoy the moment. Failing to do the things we always wanted to do when we were younger. Never having to say, "I wish I had.......".

The famous kite flying dude, you know the one on our ten dollar bill, Benjamin Franklin said:

I wonder if Ben would be pleased to know our taxes have actually gone down for 2018?  If we put our tax savings into our nest eggs that's good, but its still  a fact that:

You can't take it with you!

Have you ever heard about the award winning play which ran for over 800 shows?  It was later made into a movie staring Jimmie Stewart.

Pulizer Winning Authors George Kaufman and Moss Hart

                                   1937 Broadway Hit  "You Can't Take It With You"

Perhaps cyropreservation believers think you can take it with you someday, but I doubt it. I wouldn't bet my nest egg on it. (sorry I couldn't help myself) So, since we can't take it with us, let's expand our enjoyment of life during our nest egg building journey. That will be the focus of this blog. Let's share ideas and research all the fantastic opportunities available.  From trips to vacation ideas, from the expensive to the free, are you ready?