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I've spent nearly 40 years as owner of Nest Egg 4 You, LLC giving financial guidence to my great clients. They're absolutely the best, and I love working with them.  However, all work and no play isn't good.  It's not good for me, it's not good for my clients, and its not good for you. This blog is dedicated to the discovery or re-discovery of what's fun in life. Let's explore together and share ideas enabling a more balanced and happy life. Great experiences await us like a vacation  we've never thought about or visiting someplace we've never been.  Let's share ideas which are inexpensive as well as ideas which may require  spending a little of our nest egg.  


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Does “Hey Wake Up – You Can’t Take It With You”, get you thinking? Can we enjoy our journey to a nest egg, or does it have to be all sacrifice, doing without, and scrimping? Silly question? Not really. The...


Thursday, March 15, 2018

How important it is to enjoy life as we build our retirement nest eggs? It's very important! Too many people work hard their entire lives, scrimping, saving, sacrificing, so one day they can enjoy life. Hold on my friends. BREAKING...